UK Roadmap to Achieve Net Zero Targets by 2050.

On Wednesday 20th September 2023, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak took to our TV screens to address the nation on the subject of Net Zero. But what does it actually mean for British homes?

 What does this mean for homeowners?

· Off-grid homes will not have to transition from gas or oil boilers to a low-carbon alternative until 2035 instead of 2026, giving off-grid homes more time to prepare.

 · Homes that will find it hardest to transition to low-carbon heating will be granted an exemption, with an estimated 20% of UK homes being exempt.

 · Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards to EPC Band C for new tenancies by 2025 and all tenancies by 2028 have been scrapped.

 · Boiler Upgrade Scheme has had additional grant funding to be increased from £5000 to £7500 from 23rd October 2023.



Can I no longer buy a gas boiler?

Gas boilers are still available to buy, the government is not looking to phase them out until a proposed date of 2035, and they estimate that 10 million boilers will be installed in UK homes between 2025 and 2035.

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Do I need to remove my gas boiler any time soon?

Off-grid homes will not have to transition from gas or oil boilers to a low-carbon alternative earlier than homes that are on the gas grid. Previously Government proposals had stated that off-grid homes would not be able to install new gas or oil boilers from 2026 – this has now been pushed back to 2035 in line with homes on the gas grid, giving off-grid homes more time to prepare.

I can't afford to change my gas boiler to a low-carbon alternative?

It is estimated that 20% of houses in the UK will be granted an exemption from moving to low-carbon heating, this exemption is for households that will struggle most to make the switch to heat pumps or other low-carbon alternatives due to expensive retrofitting or a need for a very large electricity connection. We expect further details to be published next year.

What will happen to my boiler after 2035?

The Prime Minister has committed that no one will have their boiler forcibly removed from their home. It is proposed that after 2035 if your boiler were to break and become unrepairable, or you were looking to upgrade it, you would not be able to buy a new gas boiler to replace the old one. Instead, you would have to look at low-carbon alternatives such as heat pumps, or potentially, hydrogen boilers depending on trials that are going to take place.

If my boiler breaks after 2035 what will happen?

Spare parts for boiler repairs will still be available after 2035, the only difference after this date will be that the Government has proposed you will no longer be able to buy a new gas boiler unless you are granted an exemption. 

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Do I have to buy a heat pump?

The government has emphasised that UK households have a choice, and that they do not want to force homes to spend significant amounts of money transitioning to low-carbon heating.

How do I buy a heat pump?

If you are interested in purchasing a heat pump, then the best place to start is to find a local installer who will be able to survey your house and provide advice on transitioning to a heat pump. Your installer will also help you to claim the Boiler Upgrade Scheme funding that is available. Our flagship monobloc heat pump Logic Air offers great efficiencies both in heating and hot water, designed to deliver efficient, simple, and reliable low-carbon heating in homes throughout the UK.

How do I know if my house is suitable for a heat pump?

You can check if your home is suitable for a heat pump by visiting the GOV website and filling out some simple questions. You will need to know:

• When was the house built.

• If the house has any insulation in the outer walls or roof.

• Whether the house has single, double, or triple-glazed windows.

• How many bedrooms the house has.

This website gives you a great first step to find out if your house will be suited to a heat pump, the next step would be to contact a local heat pump installer.

How does the Boiler Upgrade Scheme work?

Through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you can receive a grant of £7500 from 23rd October, providing additional grant funding for anyone looking to replace their existing boiler with a heat pump in England and Wales. The grant is claimed via your heat pump installer and more information is available on the GOV website.