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Halo Wireless Thermostat

The Halo wireless thermostat is easy to install and gives your customers control over their home's temperature with smart central heating technology.

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Keep heating simple with Ideal

The ideal smart thermostatHalo is wireless, fast and simple to install
Easy to install, easy to useUser-friendly controls make this boiler thermostat accessible to everyone
Efficient heating controlsHelp your customers heat their homes and hot water efficiently with Halo

Stylish and intelligent boiler thermostat

The Ideal Halo is a programmable room thermostat specifically designed to work with your customers’ Ideal boilers, providing simple and easy heating and hot water control. Connecting Halo to an Ideal boiler provides users with a thermostat that's stylish, intelligent and simple to control.

Easy and flexible app-controlled heating

The wireless Halo smart thermostat allows your customers to connect their phones and devices to the Ideal Halo app*. Available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, it provides all of the functionality found in the Halo unit, as well as a host of other connected features. *App compatible with Wi-Fi version only.

High efficiency from high tech heating

Your customers can adjust their central heating and hot water without lifting a finger, using Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control their smart thermostat. Users can also benefit from innovative features like Geolocation, which only heats their house when they are home, saving them energy and money.

Halo Heat & System 2-Zone Extension

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Halo Combi Wi-Fi

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