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All You Need to Know About Wireless Thermostats

All You Need to Know About Wireless Thermostats

Have you got questions about wireless boiler thermostats? Read on for Ideal’s expert insights about smart wireless boiler thermostats and their benefits.

Heating and comfort are connected in one way - it's all about control! Without control your heating will be a guessing game. With British weather being unpredictable - sunny one minute to even snowing the next - it makes sense to have full control over your home's heating, no matter where you are. 

By choosing a wireless thermostat you will no longer need to decide the night before whether or not to have your heating on the next day, lowering your energy waste and your running costs! If you wake up to a chill, simply pop the heater on via the thermostat, turning up the temperature if you feel you need a bit of extra heat. Staying in for longer than expected? Extend the heating program!

Are you unsure whether a wireless boiler thermostat is for you? Ideal Heating has put together everything you need to know about wireless thermostats, including the different models and their benefits. 

What is a Wireless Thermostat? 

Wireless boiler thermostats are a convenient, easy way to control your heating systems remotely. They are digital devices that will display the surrounding temperature and use electronic sensors to communicate with the boiler to provide the ideal room temperature. They allow you to control your heating using a smart device and even an app - helping you to control your heating even when you're not home. 

How Does a Wireless Thermostat Work? 

Wireless boiler thermostats detect the temperature in your home and turn your heating systems on or off to keep your average temperature at its set level. Unlike the standard programmable models, the Wi-Fi wireless thermostats are connected to your internet, allowing remote access. 

The Different Types of Wireless Thermostats 

Here at Ideal Heating we offer a range of wireless thermostats, suitable for every home. From the electronic thermostat to the Halo Combi Wi-Fi, that incorporates a range of high-tech features, you are bound to find the perfect solution to upgrade your home's heating system. 

Halo Combi RF

The Halo Combi RF is designed specifically to work with your Ideal boiler. It is a wireless programmable room thermostat that will provide you with simple, easy-to-use heating control.

Halo Combi Wi-Fi

Similar to the Halo Combi RF, the Halo Combi Wi-Fi works with your Ideal Boiler, yet allows you to control your heating anytime, anywhere through the flexible and intuitive Halo app.

Halo Combi 2-Zone Upgrade

The Halo Combi 2-Zone Upgrade kit means you can enjoy all the great features and benefits of the Halo range on a 2-Zone system. Upgrade either the Halo Combi RF or Halo Combi Wi-Fi with one simple kit.

Electronic Thermostat

With wireless communication and a host of functions, the RF Electronic Thermostat makes heating your home easier. The programmable boiler thermostat, suitable for combi boilers, includes features such as intuitive scheduling, holiday mode and English text fault code display,  that can help cut your utility bills. 

How to Choose a Wireless Thermostat 

Wireless smart thermostats offer a wide range of features, so deciding which ones are the most important to you is key to choosing the right boiler thermostat. A smart thermostat can be controlled no matter where you are and is programmed to show you how much heating you’re using. There are several features which differ on various models - so take your time to figure out which benefits you need the most.

The Difference Between a Smart Thermostat and a Wireless Thermostat

Wireless Thermostats 

Many new boilers come with wireless technology and it’s also possible to convert your existing boiler to wireless technology with a simple kit. When it comes to wireless thermostats they don't need to be wired to your wall and can be carried around your house. This means you can make sure it's keeping temperature regulated right where you need it. If you’re spending the night in the living room, who cares what the temperature in the dining room is?

Smart Thermostats 

Smart thermostats are usually connected through your Wi-Fi allowing you to control your heating anywhere in the world via a phone or computer. Some models even learn what time of days you normally need heat, and can switch on and off to match.

Three  Main Benefits of the Halo Combi Controls

Features & Benefits of the Halo Wireless Boiler Thermostats 

The Halo Combi smart thermostats give you effortless control over your central heating thanks to fast, flexible and intelligent wireless technology - plus 2 years warranty for full peace of mind! 


The Halo boiler thermostats are wireless, fast and simple to install - simply plug, pair and play! 


With a compact, contemporary design, the Ideal Halo wireless boiler thermostats are designed to be stylish yet simple to control. 


It’s simple - you can control your heating even when you’re not at home via the Ideal Halo app. Available to download from the Apple Store or Google Play, the intuitive and easy-to-use app provides all the functionality found in the Halo unit, with further benefits for the homeowner. 

*app compatible with Wi-Fi version only. 


You can take your central heating to the next level by using Google Home and Amazon Alexa to control your heating with your voice. Combined with features like Geolocation - which only heats your house when you are home - wireless thermostats are designed to save energy and therefore money.

Benefits and Features of Electronic Thermostats

With intuitive scheduling, holiday mode and English text fault code display, our Halo Combi is the perfect wireless and programmable thermostat for your combi boiler. Featuring automatic time updates and 7-day timed control of central heating by Opentherm - saving energy and reducing costs by operating at a lower temperature - the electronic wireless thermostat has a host of features which gives you full thermal control.  

The electronic wireless boiler thermostat features include - 

  • Automatic time updates (summer/winter time)

  • 7-day timed control of central heating by Opentherm (saves energy & reduces costs by operating at lower temperatures)

  • Room temperature control

  • Wireless communication

  • Simple user interface

  • English language fault messages

  • Built-in frost protection

  • Holiday mode

  • Boiler Plus compliant 

Do I Need to Have My Wireless Thermostat Serviced? 

When you have your annual Gas Safe inspection, your engineer will be able to check that your wireless thermostat is functioning correctly. Wireless boiler thermostats may require recharging or replacing batteries from time to time - but a warning sign will appear if your thermostat loses charge.   

There are a couple of common issues that can occur, albeit rarely, on a wireless thermostat but they can easily be resolved. From application bugs or signal interference to a faulty wireless relay box, if resetting the thermostat doesn’t fix your communication issue you can try to address each issue first hand, or simply arrange for an engineer to take a look. 

Do Smart Wireless Thermostats Save Money? 

When used to its full potential, smart wireless thermostats can provide significant savings. 50% of your energy bills are costs for heating and cooling, so having an efficient device that can learn from your habits and control your heating when you’re away from home will enable you to cut your energy consumption and reduce your bills. 

Terminology Breakdown


This is the process of determining the location of an electronic device, such as a computer, mobile phone or satellite. The website will use the IP address of the device to estimate your Geolocation. 

Gas Safe Accreditation 

The Gas Safe Register is a list of qualified engineers and businesses that can legally work on gas appliances within the UK. Only gas engineers who are fully qualified and able to demonstrate their experience and competence can join the register.


A communication protocol between your heating controls and the boiler, which will modulate the temperature flow through your heating system. It can increase the energy efficiency of your heating whilst maintaining a desired average temperature in your home.