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Essential Jobs When Moving Into Your New Build Home

Blog08 September 2020

Moving into a new house — it’s one of the most exciting experiences going, especially when you’re setting up home in an immaculate, warm and cosy new build property. Unfortunately, it can be a really stressful job too.

So, what’s the best advice for making sure the thrill of getting your feet under the table of a new house outweighs any worries you have while packing up your belongings? 

Making Your New Build House a Home

The key to moving into a new build property with the minimum of fuss is knowing what tasks you need to do. Understanding the most important questions to ask and what to look out for will help calm a lot of pre-move nerves.

That means everything from checking your boiler warranty is registered and the moving van is organised and ready to go, all the way to having a house number on your door so your parcels and deliveries reach the right address.  

To help out, we’ve put together an essential checklist of jobs to tackle when you’re preparing to move into a new build home.

Making a To-Do List Before Moving In

Moving home always means you’re going to have a lot on your plate, but there are specific tasks to bear in mind when you’re moving to a new build property.  

Organise a Snagging Survey 

This is one of the most important jobs to get right when preparing to move into a new build. You definitely don’t want any unpleasant surprises in the months and years to come.

A snagging survey is your chance to have a professional identify and highlight any issues with the property, big or small. It’s best to get this done as soon as possible, which could be just before or straight after you move in. Visit the Home Owners Alliance website to learn more.

Get Your Measurements in Order 

If you’ve already got some lovely, comfortable furniture ready to move in with, or plan to buy some before the big day, this is an important job. Make sure to check all of your larger belongings will fit through the doors — or windows if necessary! 

With your measurements all done in advance, you’ll know exactly what to expect on moving day. Even if some things end up being too big and need to be sold, at least it won’t be because the fridge got stuck trying to wedge it in sideways. If only every new appliance could be as compact as an Ideal boiler... 

Order Your Bins from the Council 

Moving into a new home without any bins is, quite simply, a rubbish situation. Thankfully, you can drop your local council a line to arrange for your bins to be delivered to your new build. We admit it might not be the most glamorous job, but you’ll regret not getting it done when you’re left with a stack of moving-in day takeaway boxes and nowhere to put them!

Make Sure You’re Findable 

If there’s one potential sticking point about new builds we’re all familiar with, it’s the worry that new postcodes won’t appear on databases. There are things you can do to speed this process up though, including contacting Royal Mail directly to make sure the new address has been added to their database. You should also check if you need to buy house numbers for your door!

Track Down the Best Insurance Deal

Your house may be shiny and new, but you still need to make sure it’s insured in case of a problem you couldn’t have seen coming. Shop around for good insurance deals for new build properties and check your builder is registered with the National House-Building Council — their 10-year Buildmark policy can offer you even more protection.

Plan to Get Online 

If you need to be online for work or just want to be able to stream the latest bingeable series or a classic heartwarming movie, talk to your internet provider in advance. Make sure you can get online quickly by arranging a date for an engineer to come out, install a new line and set up your broadband. This process can take a few weeks, so it’s best to plan ahead rather than waiting until after you move in.

Hire a Moving Company or Van

Get this sorted out well in advance to make sure the big day goes smoothly. Whether you’re just hiring a vehicle for the day or planning on getting someone else to do the heavy lifting, take a look at reviews online to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company.

At the Property ‘Handover’ Inspection

It’s important to schedule a handover inspection with your builder in advance of moving-in day. This gives you the chance to flag up any potential issues with the property, as well as finding out everything you need to know about how all of the home’s appliances work. 

This is a great opportunity to make sure everything is in perfect working order before you officially take up residence, from the shower to the heating controls. If you spot any problems with the property you can ask for them to be resolved, whether they’re practical issues or just surface deep.

Essential Tasks to Consider at the Inspection

  • Take plenty of photos, particularly if you spot a problem that needs fixing

  • Ask any and all questions that come to mind — there’s no benefit in being shy

  • Take a good look at the inside and outside of the home for potential issues

  • Run taps, check cupboards, look for leaks… everything should be fit for purpose

  • Ask if important tasks like having the boiler registered have been completed

  • Flag up any problems, ask for them to be fixed and — most importantly — put it in writing

Don’t forget to allow plenty of time for this important job and consider getting an extra pair of eyes to help you out if you’re not feeling confident. This could be a family member who knows their way around a toolbox, or an independent builder who can spot problems you wouldn’t notice yourself.

Moving-in Day

At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure your new home is fit for purpose. By breaking down the tasks you need to do, you can make the whole job easier to approach and ensure moving-in day runs as smoothly as possible. The more you’re able to do in advance, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new home.

Do you have any more moving-in day tips to share with us? Get in touch with us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook to let us know your top advice for fellow new build home buyers and we’ll make sure to add them to our list.