Installer update - Important customer safety notice

Click play on the video below to watch our step-by-step guide demonstrating the Safety Upgrades feature on Connect.

Following our new Safety Upgrades section on Connect, dedicated to requesting to undertake the safety upgrade of their installations.

  • We have implemented some new features where you will have the ability to: 
    • Submit your Safety Upgrade completion reports (Point 4 below)
    • Upload Safety Upgrade Invoices for payment (Point 5 & 6 below)
    • Manage the status of requests & payments (Point 7 below)

How does it work?
You will be presented with a list of your customers with boilers requiring a Safety Upgrade. 

1. Choose "Request to Upgrade" if you would like to upgrade any of your individual installations.

2. Upon selection you will be presented with each point of the Terms and Conditions regarding the Safety Upgrade Requests, please ensure you read and accept each condition carefully prior to requesting the upgrade. All points of the Terms and Conditions must be agreed to submit your request through Connect. 

3. You will receive a confirmation on the screen to showcase you have requested to upgrade your individual installation. Your upgrade kit will be sent to the address registered on your Connect account. We will confirm once the kit is on its way to you.

4. Once the Safety Upgrade is complete please select the "Submit Upgrade Report" button to enter the required details. This section of the form requires two images, one image of the Thermostat in situ and one image of the Signed Instruction Sheet


5. To upload an invoice please select "View / Upload Invoices" your invoice can cover multiple safety upgrades, you do not require to upload one invoice per upgrade.  


6. Enter your requested account for payment & upload your required invoice(s), our finance team will be in touch with you to verify your details prior to arranging payment. 


7. Manage the status of your Safety Upgrade requests & status of payments in the main section of the Safety Upgrades Section of your account.  


  • Please note: 
    • Upgrades will involve you installing a thermostat harness and sticker. 
    • Upon verification of work carried out and submission of your invoice £47.50 (plus VAT if applicable) will be paid by BACS 
    • You will have 90 days to complete Requested Upgrades, and validate through Connect. 
    • Once you have upgraded your requested installations you will need upload your invoice(s) covering either one or multiple upgrades completed. 
    • Our finance team will call you directly to verify your payment details prior to processing. 



FAQ's Requesting to Upgrade my own installs through Connect

Can my customer still book an ideal engineer after I have selected to upgrade?

No – If you’ve selected to upgrade your customers boiler via your Connect account once the Public Portal becomes available on 1st March, your customer will be able to view that you've been assigned for this upgrade. Please ensure to contact your customer to coordinate the upgrade directly. It's essential to keep your contact information current, as this will be visible to your requested upgrade customers.


I have just registered an affected boiler through Connect, when will this show in my Safety Upgrades section to request a direct upgrade?

This will showcase in the “Safety Upgrades” section of your Connect account within the next 24hrs after registration.

What is the work that is required to upgrade my customers boilers?

We have published a video available to watch here which provides instructions on the safety upgrade. You can request to upgrade affected boilers of your own installations registered through Connect to carry out the upgrade work.

If I don’t request to upgrade my own installations what will happen to these?

Only you can request upgrades for your own installations, this request won't be forwarded to other installers. If you opt not to upgrade directly, Ideal Heating will arrange the upgrade.

I have requested to upgrade my customer(s) installation through Connect, How do I upload images & provide invoice?

You will receive an email notification once your kit has been sent via postal service. Anticipated dispatch dates are set for the week commencing 18th March. Once you have completed the upgrade, select “Submit Upgrade Report” on your Safety Upgrade section of Connect and complete the Completion Report Form. This section of the form requires two images, one image of the Thermostat in situ and one image of the Signed Instruction Sheet. Select View/Upload invoices to arrange payment for your Safety Upgrade work completed. 

When will my Upgrade Kit arrive?

Kits will be dispatched w/c 18th March, we will confirm via email once your Upgrade Kit pack(s) are on their way. We have extended the fix period to 90 days to align with delivery, from 60 days.

Why are some of my boilers not showcasing in the Safety Upgrade section on my Connect account?

This might indicate that those boilers are unaffected, or that you've notified them outside your Connect account. Only appliances registered through Connect are eligible for direct upgrades.

For any additional which you may have installed and have not registered for warranty through the Connect scheme, you can check to see if the boiler is affected at

Is there a similar kit on the market that I can fit to upgrade the boiler?

No - only the Approved Safety Upgrade Kit from Ideal Heating can be used. You can only receive one of these by selecting to upgrade through your Connect accounts.

What do I need to include on my Safety Upgrade invoice(s)?

Requirements for Safety Upgrade Invoices:

  • Ensure your Safety Upgrade Completion report in completed through Connect, and required images have been provided. 
  • Invoice can cover multiple Safety Upgrades.
  • Address invoice to Ideal Boilers Limited, National Ave, Hull East Yorkshire HU5 4JN.
  • Reference to consumer address' need to be included for the relevant invoice(s).
  • Invoice number is required.
  • £47.50 excluding VAT, £57.00 including VAT maximum per upgrade due to terms & conditions.
  • Payment Terms 30 days.
  • Invoice will be validated by our Finance Team.