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A Guide to Kitchen Suppliers and Boiler Cupboard Dimensions

Blog15 July 2020

When it comes to new builds, or even just new kitchens, what range of cupboards and housing do the biggest kitchen suppliers provide and what’s the best boiler to provide a perfect fit? 

Many of us prefer to locate our central heating systems close to our washing machine and dishwasher, so let’s find out how to hide a boiler in the kitchen safely and effectively.

We’ll look at some of the top kitchen suppliers in the UK, investigate the sizes of their boiler housing units and ask which Ideal boilers have the perfect dimensions to fit them perfectly. Whether you’re a developer or a homeowner, we’ll help you find the Ideal match for heating your home and kitchen.

Is My Kitchen The Best Place for My Boiler?

First thing’s first — there are several considerations to take into account, not least whether your kitchen has enough space to house a boiler. If there’s plenty of room available though, it’s definitely a strong option, offering easier access than alternatives like a loft or attic.

It’s also worth noting that although modern boilers are much quieter than older models, they will still make some noise — keeping it in the kitchen could help keep it well out of earshot in the evenings and at night when your home is a lot quieter. 

So, let’s run down some of the different options available for housing your boiler in the kitchen of an existing home or newbuild property, and find out which central heating systems provide a perfect match for them.

Symphony Kitchens

A well-known name in the world of fitted kitchens, Symphony Kitchens provide boiler housing in a variety of sizes. Available heights include a wall boiler cabinet 724mm high to a dresser boiling cabinet that stands at 1560mm. Their boiler housings can be ordered with a width of either 500 or 600mm and are typically built at a depth of 400mm.

The dressing boiler cabinet could be ideal for the Vogue Gen2 System boiler, a premium model built with high quality components. Coming with up to 10 years parts and labour warranty, it’s designed to be simple to use and features a backlit LCD full colour display.

You can help your Ideal boiler work in perfect harmony with kitchen suppliers by discussing dimensions and the exact layout of your kitchen with one of their representatives.

DIY Kitchens

Online retailer DIY Kitchens have a selection of wall cabinets suitable for housing your boiler, with wall heights of 575mm, 720mm and 900mm and widths of 600mm. All of their boiler housings are manufactured at a depth of 450mm to provide plenty of space for a range of models. 

The Logic Max combi will fit comfortably within this range of specifications. Hard wearing and scratch resistant, this compact model is easy to use, with a large digital display that’s both practical and accessible. 

Whether you receive help installing your boiler housing or do it yourself, the Logic Max combi’s warranty of up to 10 years offers you complete peace of mind.

Wren Kitchens

These providers pride themselves on offering a wealth of options when it comes to kitchens. True to form, Wren’s cabinets for housing boilers can be fully customised to match your needs. 

Their wall unit heights range from 288 to 900mm, widths are between 150 to 1000mm in 50mm increments, and they are between 330 and 400mm deep. Alternatively, their tower units are between 1580 to 2500mm high, 150 to 1000mm wide, and 330 to 570mm deep.

The Ideal Logic+ combi’s compact cupboard fit means it could comfortably fit within the specifications of either the wall or tower unit. Energy Saving Trust endorsed and with Quiet Mark accreditation for its close-to-silent operation, this award-winning model is also economical to run and could save money on your energy bill.

More Options for Your Boiler Cupboard 

Magnet Kitchens have several cabinets that could be used to hide your boiler, all available in a wide range of types and sizes. Most notably, they supply specialist housing units that are designed to accommodate different household appliances. Other well known kitchen suppliers you could consider include Nobilia Kitchens and Wickes.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Wherever you decide to place your boiler, make sure you’re fully aware of fire safety standards, the manufacturer’s instructions around ventilation, and ensuring there is sufficient space available for servicing and maintenance.

Clearance is needed below, above and to the side of your boiler to allow for servicing. A removable panel at the bottom of the cupboard will make life much easier when it comes to getting your annual service to ensure your boiler is running safely and efficiently.

Are you a housing developer looking for the best standard kitchen cupboards to house a boiler? Or a homeowner preparing to install your new kitchen and looking for the best option for your heating system? Get in touch with us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook with any questions about Ideal boiler dimensions or the practicalities of having our models installed.