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What is the Energy Related Products Directive?

Blog29 April 2015


ErP stands for Energy related Products. It is a new legislation affecting all 30 EU countries.

WHY IS ErP HAPPENING? The Energy related Products directive has been designed to help the EU achieve its target to reduce energy use by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? ErP will help consumers chose the most energy efficient products available by comparing the product energy efficiency using the new energy labeling.

HOW WILL ErP AFFECT INSTALLERS? Installers will have to show the energy efficiency of the products they recommend & complete a package label on installation.

WHAT IS THE ‘PACKAGE LABEL’? The Energy related Products package label shows the efficiency of the boiler and/ or controls, solar devices etc if all installed together. It is completed by the installer after the installation.

WHEN DO INSTALLERS COMPLETE THE PACKAGE LABEL? Installers complete a package label after installation of one or more products (e.g. boiler, control + cylinder).

HOW IS THE PACKAGE LABEL COMPLETED? The package label is completed by adding together the seasonal efficiencies of all products installed in the system. We have an easy-to-use system efficiency calculator and package label generation tool to help installers create package labels for their customers. Simply click here to get started, or enter ‘ErP Calculator’ in the search box above.


All product guides will show a ‘product fiche’ which will have all of the information needed to complete the package label. In addition, our system efficiency calculator and package label generation tool features ‘pick lists’ containing all Ideal boilers and controls, as well as general control classes in case our installers are fitting a non-Ideal brand control.

WHAT SUPPORT ARE MANUFACTURERS GIVING TO INSTALLERS TO MAKE THE PROCESS EASIER? Ideal Boilers will provide tools, tips and training to help installers get up to speed with the all the changes and all installers need to do.

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