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15 Easy Ways to Save Money in Your Home

Blog06 July 2020

Saving money can be a tricky proposition for busy households, so we’ve prepared some smart solutions to boost your finances. If you’re looking for ideas to cut back on household costs by making small, simple changes around the house, here are our favourite money-saving tips. 

Whether it’s putting together a meal plan, bagging a bank account-friendly bargain or booking a yearly boiler service to keep your heating system running smoothly, we’ve thought up plenty of ways to help you save some money at home — and the pounds and pence can soon start to add up.

To help you get started, take a look at our 15 top tips to help you free up more cash.

Make a Meal Plan

Grocery shopping without a meal plan prepared can be a real recipe for disaster. If you can work out exactly what you need before you go anywhere near a trolley (or laptop for all you online shoppers), you’re more likely to stick to your budget and only pick up the things you really need.

Turn Appliances Off, Not on Standby

You can cut electricity bills by £30 a year just by turning appliances off rather than leaving them on standby according to the Energy Saving Trust. It’s a great habit to get into, but remember that gadgets like set-top boxes may need to stay on to record your favourite shows. 

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Make savings at the flick of a switch by rethinking the lighting in your home. Swapping a single 60W incandescent with a more energy-efficient CFL bulb can lower your electricity bill by around £7 a year according to the experts at Which.

Look Into Programmable Heating Controls

Modern boiler temperature controls come equipped with a host of energy-saving functions to keep your boiler running at peak efficiency. This will lead to significant savings on your utility bills and provide much more accurate temperature control in your home.

Ditch the Tech for More Old-School Interaction

Many of us spend an ever-increasing amount of time glued to a screen, which can make it really refreshing to turn off our phones and TVs. Why not dig out an old board game or try your hand at some crafting for an enjoyable change of pace? You’ll save cash and energy at the same time.

Spend Less Time in the Shower

The shower is the perfect place to belt out our favourite songs, but this money-saving tip could leave us all singing a different tune. According to Which, the average household would be £20 better off each year if everyone spent two minutes less in the shower.

Switch Your Bank Account

This tip could actually see you making money rather than saving it. Several banking providers offer new customers a cash incentive and more generous interest rates for switching from one of their competitors — a little research to find the best deals could be well worth your while.

Discover System Filters for Your Boiler

If our central heating systems aren’t running efficiently, they can cost much more to run and maintain. Gas boilers can be affected by a build-up of black iron oxide, causing a lot of energy wastage, but you can protect against this issue and keep your central heating healthy by using an easy-to-install system filter.

Make Food in Batches

Buying in bulk often works out well if you’re looking to spend less and the same goes for cooking food in larger batches, then leaving what you can’t eat for another day. As a bonus, it’s a well-known fact that food always tastes better served up as leftovers.

Insulate Your Loft Space

Insulating the loft is one of the pricier tips on our list, but the money you save on utility bills in the years to come will more than make up for the initial outlay. Lofts are a common spot for heat to escape from properties, so insulation keeps our homes warmer for longer and energy bills lower.

Switch Your Energy Supplier

Changing your energy supplier or tariff can lead to some big savings on gas and electricity bills. The Ofgem website has lots of fantastic advice on how to shop around for a great deal if you’re looking for tips on how to get started.

Try a Weather Compensation Kit

Weather compensation kits are clever tools that allow your boiler to automatically adapt to how warm or cool it is outside. By monitoring the temperature outdoors and adjusting your heating accordingly, it provides increased energy efficiency and saves you money.

Don’t Overfill Your Kettle

A freshly brewed cup of tea is one of life’s great pleasures, but be mindful that filling your kettle too high can cost you money. By making sure you only heat the water you need, you can enjoy your cuppa safe in the knowledge that you aren’t wasting energy in the process.

Make Do and Mend

Being handy with a needle and thread can be useful in all sorts of situations. Knowing how to stitch up a tear, replace a button on a coat or fix a curtain can save you from having to get someone else to do it for you or, even worse, paying out for a replacement.

Turn Your Thermostat Down One Degree

This one simple tip can reduce your outgoings by around £80 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust. Try turning your heating controls down until you find the best thermostat temperature for your personal comfort levels — and your bank account!

Do you have any more money-saving tips to share with us? Get in touch with us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook to let us know your tried and trusted methods for freeing up cash and we’ll make sure to add them to our list.