Covid-19: Guidance For Installers & Engineers

How We are Keeping Our Installers Safe During Coronavirus

Now more than ever, we want to thank you, our heating engineers and boiler installers, for the hard work you do. Identified as key workers during the coronavirus pandemic, many of you have continued to work throughout lockdown to keep your customers’ homes running.

As lockdown continues to ease, regular access to people’s homes is unavoidable. As such, we have put a new set of policies in place to ensure you stay safe at work and feel supported during these challenging times.

We have also created a handy infographic (below) to provide all the information you need.

Diagnose Remotely

Making use of different communication channels will be key as we move forward. Where possible, ask for fault codes, diagnose issues and provide quotes using apps and services like WhatsApp Video and Facebook messages. 

Check Household Status

If a visit is essential, check if there are any vulnerable residents in the household and if anyone is displaying symptoms. Also discuss safety measures with the homeowner and request that they remain in a separate room during your visit. If you’re unsure, call us to discuss your concerns.

Working Together

When visiting with workmates, stay at least two metres from your colleague, face away from each other and keep contact to a minimum. Where possible, we recommend working with the same person.

Prepare PPE

Ensure you have enough PPE, including face masks and gloves, to carry out the job. We also advise taking your own hand sanitiser and towel (if you need to wash your hands while at the property).

In the Household

While working, maintain social distancing, wear PPE, and avoid touching surfaces or your face. Regularly wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds or where unable, use hand sanitiser. Before leaving, wipe down all surfaces you’ve touched. We also recommend not accepting kindly offered food or drink from your customers.

Stay Safe

The safety of our installer network is our top priority. To stay safe, carry out a risk assessment and if anyone at the household is displaying symptoms, get in touch before visiting the property.

If you need assistance or have any queries, our service and technical teams are here and ready to help.

Call technical support: 01482 498663

Call our customer service team: 01482 498660

Click here to view the full infographic.

Coronavirus Guidance For Installers Infographic