Introducing the Veterans Garage


Ideal Heating recently visited the Veterans Garage in Manchester run by Dave and his son Dan to find out more about their unique and inspiring aspiration to create a community space for veterans and the general community as well as taking a tour around the site to see what they have planned for the future.

We sat down with Dan and Dave who spoke about the work they’ve done so far and their visions for the future regarding the project. They explained that ‘The concept behind the Veterans garage is to create a fast paced and fun community automotive club that will focus on all thing’s cars, motorcycles and aviation.’ Dan and Dave want to create a space that alleviates social isolation and promote social inclusion in all ages in a fun and safe environment. The project came about when Dave’s son came back from war a different person, they felt the experience had changed him, and he became isolated and vulnerable, and they felt a space like Veterans Garage would have benefited him and people who find themselves in a similar situation. 

The social hub will be available 7 days a week thanks to support from the local community, and the venue will serve not only as a social hub but as a venue for unique events that can raise funds and awareness for local causes.


We took a tour with Dave and Dan around the site. The project still has a long way to go but the plans for the renovation were impressive and extremely exciting. The Terminal building will house a cool social lounge and games room designed around the building’s aviation heritage and wartime function. The barns will be a continuation of social space and will see an automotive/industrial styled smoke house restaurant and bar.

The L-shaped barns attached will see the birth of the classic/custom car and motorcycle workshops that will embody the Veterans Garage ethos in bringing veterans together to work in teams, gaining new skills and meeting new, like-minded people. Although the name ‘Veterans Garage’ implies that it is just a space for Veterans, Dan and Dave want to make it clear that the space will be for everybody to enjoy, it is a community social space.


So, where do Ideal Boilers come into this? We’ll be donating to Veterans Garage to help towards the renovation of the buildings. As a company, we are very charity orientated and believe in giving back to the community as much as we can. 

Although the full project is not complete, you can still visit the site today. The site has its own independent café that provides a space for people to meet up, drink and eat. You instantly will understand this idea of it being a social community space with a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Also, the Veterans garage holds events most weeks with car shows and car boot sales going on all the time which you can find on their website 

If you want to know more about the Veterans Garage and keep up to date with their project, you can follow them on social media: 

Facebook: @veteransgaragemcr
Twitter: @veteransgarage
Instagram: @veteransgarage