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Using the Halo App

  • My Halo thermostat is not showing in the app after pairing

    The Halo thermostat could take a few minutes to show in the app.   It would be worth checking to ensure the thermostat is fully paired to the smart interface  by using the 'identify' function.

  • I need to remove a 2nd home or device from my app

    To remove a home or device, simply click on the appropriate system status box and then tap on the Smart interface. You should now be able to delete the device. 

  • Can the rest of my family also control the heating?

    Once you have completed the app setup, you can invite other users to control your Halo thermostat. 

    This is done in the settings menu under the option manage users.

  • On my app, What does the circle in the bottom left mean?

    The Round circle shows the percentage completed of the current programmed schedule. 

  • My Phone keeps advising the Halo App has activated my location

    This is an android driven message to advise that the app is using your location for the geolocation feature. 

  • My Geolocation is not working

    Ensure your app permissions are set to enable location services at all times on your mobile device. 

  • I’ve forgotten my password for the App

    When you open the App, click on the forgotten password link and follow the onscreen instructions. 

  • How do I install the Mobile App “Ideal Halo”?

    The App is available on both the Google play store and the Apple App store.