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Boiler Controls

  • How do I add a schedule to the Halo Combi Wi-Fi / Halo Combi RF?

    Your Halo will come with a pre-set schedule. To alter this go into the Timed Heating Schedules section in the menu. For more information on how to alter a schedule either refer to the user guide that came with the Halo and is also available online at idealboilers.com or watch the “How to alter the schedule on the Halo Combi” video on the Ideal Boilers YouTube channel.  

    If you have the Halo Combi Wi-Fi control you can alter the schedules in the Ideal Halo app.

  • How do I update the Halo WiFi / Halo Combi RF software?

    If your Halo is connected via the mobile app, automatic updates will be transmitted to your unit.  Only the WiFi version of the Halo, comes with this functionality as standard

  • Is the Halo WiFi / Halo Combi RF freestanding?

    The Halo can be wall mounted or placed on the desk stand included

  • My Halo device is showing a CF01 fault

    This indicates that your Halo thermostat has lost connection with the smart interface.  Ensure the smart interface has power and that the distance and location advice in the user guide has been followed.  If problems persist, please call our customer services team on 01482 498660

  • Can the Halo be fitted to my Heat or system boiler?

    This option is currently not available, but we're working on it

  • How do I connect my Halo up to Alexa?

    Using your Alexa app, Download and link the Ideal Halo skill to your account. This will enable you to control your Halo device via Alexa

  • How do I identify the make of my programmer?

    Most programmers will either have their make or model on the front or on a drop down panel.

  • How do I reset to remove my service message?

    On the older range of Ideal boilers, you can reset your boiler to remove the service message by holding the mode dial in the reset position for 3 seconds.

    For the newer range of Ideal boilers, such as Logic+ and Vogue, this can be done by either pushing the reset button underneath the display, or going into the menu settings on the display. 

    If you’re still having problems with resetting your boiler then please take a read of the user guide for your specific appliance or call our Technical Support team on 01482 498663.

  • What controls are compatible with my boiler?

    Any controls that work on 240 Vac can be used alongside our current range of boilers. The Logic and Vogue range can also be controlled by OpenTherm technology. For more information regarding this you can contact our customer services team on 01482 498660.

  • How do I set my timer up?

    User guides for our current programmers can be found under the literature section of our website in PDF format. They explain how to set times, temperatures and alternative functions.

  • What does pre heat mean?

    ‘Pre-heat’ is a function that is designed to provide you with instant hot water when required. It works by infrequently heating the plate heat exchanger so that when hot water is requested it is already heated. This feature is not compulsory however, if not selected can take a few minutes before the hot water is at the appropriate temperature.

  • How do I change the batteries in my Ideal Touch control and reconnect it to the boiler?

    Please see below for a step-by-step guide on how to change the batteries in your Ideal Touch Connect, before reconnecting it to your boiler:

    • Switch off the power to your boiler

    • Unclip the thermostat from its cradle or stand by sliding the Touch Connect thermostat upwards

    • Use a flat bladed screwdriver to pop off the rear cover and take out the batteries

    • Place 3 new batteries into the back of the Touch Connect

    • Turn the power to your boiler back on

    • As the power returns to your boiler insert the last battery into the back of the Touch Connect and replace the back cover

    • When the Touch Connect screen comes on it should then show a message reading ‘Connecting To Boiler’. After approximately 60 seconds, the screen will prompt you to input the date & time to complete setup

    Should you have any problems, please contact a member of our Customer Service team on 01482 498 660.

  • How do I re-set my boiler controls after changing the batteries?

    On the PRT3, the reset button is located on the transceiver unit at the front of the boiler and on the programmable room thermostat. These should be held in for 5 seconds with the unit left next to the boiler for 15 minutes to pair. On the Touch programmer, this should happen automatically but can also take up to 15 minutes. If you require further assistance please contact our Customer Service department on 01482 498660.

  • What do the LEDs mean on the Touch Combi RF Boiler Transceiver?

    From left to right:

    • Wireless Connection to Touch thermostat

    • Electrical supply to Boiler Transceiver

    • Opentherm connection between the Boiler and Transceiver

  • How do I add a schedule to my Touch Combi RF?

    Please refer to Changing a Schedule in the Touch Combi RF User Guide.