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Ideal Heating
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Halo Installation

  • My Halo screen shows it has failed to pair

    Please check the smart interface is in pairing mode (Red flashing ZigBee led)

    Check the distance between the smart interface and Halo,

    Reset the smart interface by pressing the reset button on the front.

    If you continue to have problems, please contact our customer services team on 01482 498600

  • On my Halo WiFi / Halo Combi RF smart interface the Zigbee green led is solid green on first power up

    If your Smart interface shows a solid green led on first power up, please just press the pairing button as instructed in the manual. 

  • The smart interface won’t fit in the front of my boiler

    It is possible your boiler may be an older version that is non-compatible with the smart interface unit. You may need an external wall bracket to allow fitting to your boiler.  Please call our customer services team for more details on 01482 498660

  • Does this 2-zone kit have 2 thermostats?

    No, this kit is in addition to either the Halo Combi RF or for internet connected control the Halo Combi Wi-Fi.

    Halo Combi Multizone Spec Sheet

  • Does this wire into my existing wiring centre?

    No, the smart wiring centre replaces any existing wiring centre so no additional wall space is required.

  • Is this a fully modulating control?

    Yes, the Halo Combi 2-Zone control is one of the only controls in the market that is fully modulating on both heating zones.

  • Do I need to run a switched live demand to the boiler?

    No, as the Smart Wiring Centre communicates wirelessly to the Smart Interface that is connected to the boiler there is no need to run a wire from the wiring centre to the boiler.

  • Can this be fitted to other manufacturers boilers?

    We have fine-tuned the Halo control range to ensure it gives maximum energy savings when paired with an Ideal Heating boiler. These savings would not be the same using another manufacturers boiler so we don't recommend using the Halo controls range with anything other than an Ideal Heating boiler.

  • I have a hot water cylinder, will this kit control my hot water?

    Central heating systems that have a hot water cylinder work in a different way to systems that run from a combi boiler. The Halo Combi controls range can't control a hot water cylinder but keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Halo Heat & System later on in 2021.

  • Can I still control my heating through Amazon Alexa/Google Home?

    Yes, if you have installed a Halo Combi Wi-Fi 2-Zone system then you can still control both central heating zones through smart home assistants.

  • Can the Smart Wiring Centre run underfloor heating?

    Yes, the Smart Wiring Centre can run a zone with underfloor heating.