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FAQs & Help

Information & frequently asked questions on our boilers, parts & controls.

  • How do I register my boiler for warranty?

    There are a few different ways you can register your free boiler warranty, which needs to be done within 30 days of installation.

  • How do I find out how old my boiler is?

    If you need to find out how old your boiler is you can check within the installation manual; your installer will have completed the Benchmark Certificate that can be found here. 

    If this is not available, the age of your boiler can also be determined by calling our Customer Service team on 01482 498 660. From here, you can quote the boiler serial number which can be found either underneath or on top of your boiler, depending on your specific appliance.

    Still need further guidance with your Ideal boiler? Browse our boiler help guides to learn more.

  • How often do I need to service my boiler?

    The answer to this depends on how your boiler is used. It does require servicing annually, which for the vast majority of installations is fine. 

    If you have a boiler installed or used for an unusual application which means the boiler is operating more than expected it may require servicing more frequently. However, for normal use, annual servicing is sufficient.

  • How do I prepare my home for a boiler installation?

    From finding the perfect boiler for your home, understanding the various types of boilers and preparing your home for an installer, there are a few important steps you need to take to ensure your home is ready for a new boiler installation.

    To find out more, read our blog on how to prepare your home for a boiler installation.

  • What is kettling?

    Put simply, it's a term to describe a boiler making a noise it shouldn't. Your boiler should be seen and not heard. Amongst other tunes – boilers transcend genres – the noise can often sound like a boiling kettle, hence the term 'kettling'.

  • What is a condensing boiler?

    A condensing boiler is a high-efficiency boiler which runs at a lower temperature than older, traditional-style boilers. Condensing boilers are able to collect gas generated by burning fuels like gas and oil and use it to heat water entering the system, saving money and reducing carbon emissions in the process.

    Find out more about condensing boilers here.

  • What is 'fan post purge'?

    A fan post purge occurs when the fan continues to run after the boiler has been in operation. This is done to help cool the unit down and it is a normal function within the appliance.

    Still need further guidance with your Ideal boiler? Why not browse our boiler help guides or call our Technical Support team on 01482 498663?

  • How can I contact you?

    Please see below the contact numbers for the Ideal Heating Customer Service and Technical Support teams:

    Customer Service: 01482 498660

    Technical Support: 01482 498663

    Why not browse our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered?

  • What Should I Do If I Think I Can Smell Gas?

    1. Turn off your gas at the meter or yellow lever attached to your gas meter.

    2. If you have LPG turn off the valves on your tank.

    3. DO NOT use NAKED flames.

    4. DO NOT use ANY Electrical Sockets or Switches

    5. Open  all doors and windows.

    6. Call TRANSCO or ESP if you have a Natural Gas supply.

    7. If you have LPG contact your supplier.

    Contact Numbers:

    TRANSCO/ESP - for Natural Gas

    • England, Wales & Scotland - 0800 111 999

    • Northern Ireland - 0800 002 001

    If you can smell gas or think there is a gas leak in your property you need to act straight away. First, turn the gas off at the meter if you can safely do so  (it’s normally found under the stairs or outside your home). 

    Open all windows and doors to the property and if you have children or pets, evacuate them from the house. This is because carbon monoxide is heavier than air, so if there is a leak they will breathe in more of the gas because it‘s lower to the ground.

    Do not use anything that has a source of ignition, and do not smoke or use anything that can produce a naked flame. Leave any electronics as they are —  don’t switch anything on or off.

    As soon as you have the chance, call the emergency gas service on 0800 111 999. They will arrange for someone to visit your property within three hours to make the area safe. If an engineer has attended to work on your gas appliance within the past seven days, please make the business responsible for the work aware of this.

    Gas leaks can happen to any poorly maintained appliance, such as a gas cooker, gas fire or boiler. This highlights the importance of having your appliances serviced at least once a year.

    We recommend having a carbon monoxide alarm fitted as an early warning sign in case you experience a leak. Have a good read through of the manufacturer’s instructions and British Standards for the most appropriate place to store your alarm.

  • What happens if I fail to register my boiler for warranty on time?

    To qualify for the full guarantee the boiler must be registered within 30 days of installation. Should this condition not be met, the period of guarantee will be reduced to 12 months from the date of installation.

  • Does my boiler warranty cover my system?

    No, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers manufacturing issues with the appliance. If there are any problems with your system, such as radiators or pipework, you should contact the installer who fitted the boiler system. Alternatively, you can arrange system cover to run alongside your warranty. We offer this, as well as other protection plans. To find out more contact our Customer Service Department on 01482 498660. 

  • What options are available to me if my boiler is out of warranty?

    In the event that your boiler is out of warranty and requires a service or repair, we provide a range of protection plans to best suit you. For more information contact our Customer Service department free on 01482 498660. 

  • What is covered under my manufacturers warranty?

    Any manufacturing issues within the appliance itself that have originated from the system. For full information on our manufacturers warranty please visit the terms and conditions on our website. 

  • Can I extend my manufacturers warranty?

    We offer a range of options to extend the warranty on your Ideal boiler. To discuss the options and decide upon the right choice for you please contact our Customer Services department on 01482 498660.

  • I have not received my Gas Safety Certificate?

    Contact the company that fitted your boiler. They will be able to request your Gas Safe certificate from our Connect loyalty scheme or directly through Gas Safe.