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FAQs & Help

Information & frequently asked questions on our boilers, parts & controls.

  • How do I connect my Touch Connect Gateway to my router?

    The Touch Connect comes supplied with an ethernet cable to connect your gateway and internet router. For full details please see the Touch Connect Installation guide and the installation guide for your internet router if required.

  • How do I turn my heating off on the Touch Connect thermostat?

    Press the "radiator symbol"  until OFF is shown on the screen.

  • How do I view or change my heating schedules on the Touch Connect thermostat?

    Please refer to the Touch Connect User Guide to change or review heating schedules.

  • How long does it take for changes made through the Touch Connect app to reach my boiler?

    This can be as little as 6 seconds, however dependent on the internet speed and connection it could take a couple of minutes.

  • I’ve forgotten my Touch Connect username, what should I do?

    Your Username is the email address you used when creating an account.

  • How much does it cost to use the Touch Connect App?

    It’s free to use the Touch Connect App, however your mobile network providers data charges may apply.

  • I’ve moved into a house that has a Touch Connect installed, what should I do?

    To connect to the Touch Connect please follow the quick connection guide in the user guide.

  • I’ve updated my Touch Connect app to the latest version, what happens to my previous settings and schedules?

    All settings and schedules are retained during an app update meaning you can carry on with Touch Connect without any interruptions.

  • My time is an hour out?

    If you have installed your Touch Connect Thermostat but have not registered on the Touch Connect App, the time will register one hour out. Register on Touch Connect App and this will rectify.

  • Is there a Touch Connect Windows App?

    Unfortunately due to the discontinued support of Windows Mobile from Microsoft there is not a Touch Connect App available on Windows store.

  • How do I connect the Halo to my Wi-Fi?

    To connect your Halo you need to have the Ideal Halo App installed 

  • Is my Touch Connect compatible with non-ideal boilers?

    No, the Touch Connect is only compatible with Ideal Boilers to ensure you get the greatest efficiency out of your central heating system as possible.

  • Is my Touch Connect compatible with all types of Ideal boiler?

    No, The Touch Connect is compatible with the below ranges of boiler:

    • Logic Combi

    • Logic Combi C

    • Vogue Gen 2 Combi

    • Vogue Combi C

    • Logic Max Combi C

    • Vogue Max Combi

  • What does it mean if it shows a Zone 1 fault on my Touch Connect thermostat?

    A ‘Zone 1 Fault’ means that the boiler and Touch Thermostat have lost RF (Wireless) connection. Please see the location guidelines in the Touch Connect User Guide. Or if the gateway is off.

  • What do the LEDs mean on the Touch Connect Boiler Transceiver?

    From left to right:

    • Wireless Connection to Touch thermostat

    • Electrical supply to Boiler Transceiver

    • Opentherm connection between the Boiler and Transceiver