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Ideal Heating
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FAQs & Help

Information & frequently asked questions on our boilers, parts & controls.

  • What do the colours of the LED mean on the Touch Connect gateway?

    This sequence is the initial loading sequence for the gateway:

    Solid Orange


    Flashing Red


    Solid Orange


    Flashing green


    Solid Green


    • Outside of the above loading sequence these are status indications of the LED light.

    Solid Orange

    No ethernet/internet connection

    Flashing Red

    Updating software

  • What is an alert?

    This is a notification sent to your phones home screen/notification bar or email depending on your preferences.

  • What will trigger an alert?
    • Internet or server outage

    • Boiler Faults

    • Failed Commands (Central Heating ON/Off)

  • What can I do if I forget my Touch Connect password?

    Open the Touch Connect app and click [Forgotten password] then follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password.

  • What happens if more than one device is using the Touch Connect App?

    The System will respond to the last command sent.

  • What can I do if Touch Connect isn't working?

    Please see the trouble shooting guide in the Touch Connect User Guide. For further assistance please contact our customer service team on 01482 4988663.

  • Will I still receive push notifications if I log out of my app?

    No, to receive push notifications you need to be logged in to the app.

  • Where can I find out about updates to the Touch Connect App?

    Either through the AppStore or Google Play Store. The web Browser will always be the latest version, this is updated automatically.

  • What phrases can I say to Alexa to control my heating via my Ideal Touch?

    To make it warmer by turning the heating up or on (depending on current state) you can say….

    • Alexa, make it warmer in here

    • Alexa, make it warmer

    • Alexa turn the heating up (in this phrase “heating” is not the default name of the Touch Device, Alexa recognises statement this as a set phrase)

    • Alexa, set “


      ” to Heat

    • Alexa, turn “


      ” On

    • Alexa turn On “


    • Alexa increase my heating

    To turn the target temperature of your Ideal Touch Connect down say…

    • Alexa, make it cooler in here

    • Alexa turn the heating down (in this phrase “heating” is not the default name of the Touch Device, Alexa recognises statement this as a set phrase)

    • Alexa decrease my heating (in this phrase “heating” is not the default name of the Touch Device, Alexa recognises statement this as a set phrase)

     If the heating is boosted or off you can return to your pre-set schedules by saying….

    • Alexa, set “


      ” to Auto

    To turn the heating off you can say…

    • Alexa, turn OFF “


     To find out the current room temperature say….

    • Alexa, what’s the temperature in here?

    To find out what target temperature your Ideal Touch Connect is set to you can say…

     Alexa, what’s my “heating” set to?

    To set your heating to a specific temperature say..

     Alexa, set “heating” to 20

    • Alexa, set the temperature to 20 degrees

    Where the statement contains the word “heating” (in italics) this is the default name of the touch connect device in Alexa and can be changed.

    Note, when you alter your heating using Alexa your Boiler and Touch App will react quickly, you may notice a slight delay updating the Touch thermostat with the correct command from Alexa. 

  • Can I change my default device name for controlling my Ideal Touch Connect with Amazon Alexa?

    Yes you can. You can change the default device name using the following steps:

    1. Go to the devices section of the Alexa app

    2. Click “all devices”

    3. Select “Heating” (this is your Ideal Touch Connect device)

    4. Enter device setting by clicking the top right hand corner

    5. Click on “Edit name” and alter the name of your Touch Connect

  • How do I set up my Ideal Touch Connect to work with my Amazon Echo and Alexa?

    To set up your Ideal Touch Connect with your Amazon Echo and Alexa you need to….

    1. Open your Amazon Alexa app, enter the Skills and Games section of the menu and search for the Ideal Touch Connect skill. Click this and download onto your Alexa App.

    2. Sign in to the Ideal Touch Connect skill with your usual Ideal Touch Connect sign in details.

    3. Click authorise to allow Alexa to access your Ideal Touch Connect account and control your heating via the Ideal Touch Connect.

    4. Next click on “discover devices”, this process could take up to 20 seconds

    5. Your Ideal Touch Connect should then be visible in your Alexa devices section with the default name of “heating”.

  • What Should I Do if I Think My Boiler is Leaking Water?

    In the rare event that you find water is dripping from your boiler, do not be alarmed. It could be that a frozen condensate pipe has filled, and the water is backed-up. 

    If you’ve ruled out the leak being related to a condensate pipe, here’s what you should do:

    1. If the leak is small you may not have to isolate the boiler. Simply put a container down to catch the water (making sure it’s checked regularly so it doesn't overflow) and call an engineer. If the leak is causing damage and there is a lot of water, you will then need to isolate your boiler. Please check your manual on how to do this or contact Ideal Heating. If the boiler is inundated with water, it may be best to use the stopcock and call an engineer.

    2. If you have a leak coming from external pipework or a radiator, this is not a boiler fault but rather a plumbing issue. In this case, try to contain the leak if it’s small. If the leak is causing damage and there is a lot of water, you’ll need to isolate your boiler.

    3. If the pipe is burst and flooding with water, it may be best to use the stopcock and call an engineer. It’s very important that every household member knows where the stopcock is in case of an emergency.

  • What is the default device name to control my Ideal Touch Connect with Amazon Alexa?

    The default device name to control your Ideal Touch Connect with Alexa is “heating”. For example “Alexa, set the heating to 21 degrees”.

  • Is my Touch Connect compatible with any home assistants?

    Touch Connect is compatible with Alexa, see our video for how to set it up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fqk_m333J4

    Touch Connect is not compatible with Google Home or Apple HomeKit.