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Ideal Heating
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FAQs & Help

Information & frequently asked questions on our boilers, parts & controls.

  • Does this 2-zone kit have 2 thermostats?

    No, this kit is in addition to either the Halo Combi RF or for internet connected control the Halo Combi Wi-Fi.

    Halo Combi Multizone Spec Sheet

  • Does this wire into my existing wiring centre?

    No, the smart wiring centre replaces any existing wiring centre so no additional wall space is required.

  • Is this a fully modulating control?

    Yes, the Halo Combi 2-Zone control is one of the only controls in the market that is fully modulating on both heating zones.

  • Do I need to run a switched live demand to the boiler?

    No, as the Smart Wiring Centre communicates wirelessly to the Smart Interface that is connected to the boiler there is no need to run a wire from the wiring centre to the boiler.

  • Can this be fitted to other manufacturers boilers?

    We have fine-tuned the Halo control range to ensure it gives maximum energy savings when paired with an Ideal Heating boiler. These savings would not be the same using another manufacturers boiler so we don't recommend using the Halo controls range with anything other than an Ideal Heating boiler.

  • I have a hot water cylinder, will this kit control my hot water?

    Central heating systems that have a hot water cylinder work in a different way to systems that run from a combi boiler. The Halo Combi controls range can't control a hot water cylinder but keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Halo Heat & System later on in 2021.

  • Can I still control my heating through Amazon Alexa/Google Home?

    Yes, if you have installed a Halo Combi Wi-Fi 2-Zone system then you can still control both central heating zones through smart home assistants.

  • Can the Smart Wiring Centre run underfloor heating?

    Yes, the Smart Wiring Centre can run a zone with underfloor heating.

  • What are the Google Home commands?
    • Hey Google, set heating to 21 degrees

    • Hey Google, make the temperature 20 degrees 

    • Hey Google, turn the heating on

    • Hey Google, make it warmer 

    • Hey Google, turn the heating off

    • Hey Google, make it cooler

  • How do I connect up to Google Home?

    Using your Google home app, go into settings and click on ""Works with Google"" Search for Ideal Halo and select it.

    It will ask you to log into your Halo app to link them. This will let you assign your Halo to a room and enable control.

  • I have multiple devices and they are all named 'Heating' on my Google Home hub

    Using the Halo App, If you go into the Halo options in the manage devices section. You can change the device name from the default name of 'heating'. This will then change on your Google Homehub

  • I have removed an invited user from my Halo App but they are still able to use their Alexa

    Due to Alexa limitations, the invited user needs to remove from their Alexa device manually 

  • How do I connect my Halo up to Alexa?

    Using your Alexa app, Download and link the Ideal Halo skill to your account. This will enable you to control your Halo device via Alexa

  • What are the Alexa Commands?

    Some of the standard Alexa commands are:

    • Alexa, set my thermostat to 21 degrees

    • Alexa, make it warmer in here 

    • Alexa, set my thermostat to OFF

    • Alexa, what is my room temperature? 

    • Alexa, what is my thermostat set to?

  • What does it mean when the '0' is displayed on the boiler screen?

    When ‘0’ is displayed on the boiler screen it means the boiler is on standby. This means the boiler is not receiving a demand from either the hot water or central heating.

    Still need further guidance with your Ideal boiler? Why not browse our boiler help guides or call our Technical Support team on 01482 498663?